Chemical Cleaning

Power washing with chemicals. Power Washing or Pressure Washing is the use of high-pressure water spray to remove loose paint, mold, grime, dust, mud, chewing gum and dirt from surfaces.

Before painting, you must thoroughly rinse and clean the surface of the wood from mold oil spots and other deeply contaminated wood parts.

Chemicals will also help to remove the old stain on the deck.

    • Before applying the chemicals, pour water on the flowers and other plants that are next to the deck so that the roots of the plants can absorb enough water.
    • Chemicals should be applied to a dry surface of the wood and left for 20 minutes so that it can soak up the wood.
    • After that, you need to use power washing and thoroughly wash off the chemicals with dirt from the deck.

Before using Chemicals, make sure that children are at a safe distance and use gloves, glasses, and masks!

We do not recommend the use of chemicals without the appropriate experience and the necessary knowledge.

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